Proficiency Testing schemes in Australia and New Zealand

Novachem is Australia and New Zealand’s distributor for LGC Standards Proficiency Testing schemes and provides logistics and program support for companies throughout the territory.

Novachem, by offering over 30 schemes, will provide Laboratories throughout the region access to some of the largest Proficiency Testing schemes globally available, and a local representative to support your labs. Through the provision of LGC’s schemes, organisations in Australia and New Zealand will be provided with quality, actionable results delivered rapidly, securely, and confidentially via LGC’s online system, PORTAL.

Proficiency testing is a key element in the laboratory accreditation process and goes hand in hand with the certified reference materials provided by Novachem, enabling laboratories to monitor the quality of their analytical results.

The majority of LGC’s PT schemes are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certificate number 0001 and are all operated in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17043

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Summary of Schemes:

Food and Feed

LGC Standards is a key provider of schemes for the food and feed industries, and include many of the top 20 food worldwide businesses as customers for our routine schemes or our managed PT solutions
Our largest scheme, for food microbiology, has over 2,000 participating laboratories worldwide, enabling participants to compare their performance on a truly global scale. This and our other food schemes, provides managers with a means to monitor performance of multiple labs in wide geographies via group participation and reporting. This is possible through PORTAL, our secure, multi-functional web-based reporting system. Schemes offered include:
  • Animal Feed (AFPS)
  • Chocolate (QCS)
  • Dairy Chemistry (QDCS)
  • Food Microbiology (QMS)
  • Food Chemistry (QFCS)
  • Gelatine (QGS)
  • Meat & Fish (QMAS)

Water and environmental

Water and Environment Proficiency Testing
Access to clean, safe water is something that many of us take for granted, and ensuring the quality of our water supplies relies upon the analysis performed by laboratories worldwide to prevent potentially harmful chemicals and microorganisms from entering the distribution networks. Our range of water and environmental proficiency testing schemes provide the opportunity to monitor laboratory quality on a global scale.
The Aquacheck scheme is one of the most comprehensive water chemistry schemes available, and is supported by complementary schemes for water microbiology, contaminated land, and stack emissions monitoring. Schemes offered include:
  • Water Chemistry (Aquacheck)
  • Contaminated Land (CONTEST)
  • Water Microbiology (QWAS)


Beverage Proficiency Testing
The beverage proficiency testing schemes available from LGC Standards cover routine and advanced analyses performed by many laboratories in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic sectors. Ensuring the highest quality and consistency for global brands ultimately depends upon the quality of the laboratory results as the basis for key decisions about product quality and safety.
Our comprehensive range of schemes for the beverage industry covers all aspects of production, from raw materials to finished products. Participating in our global proficiency testing schemes provides a truly independent assessment of measurement quality, giving you confidence in the analysis, the decisions based on that analysis and ultimately the quality of product. Schemes offered include:
  • Alcoholic Drinks (DAPS)
  • Beverages (QBS)
  • Brewing Analytes (BAPS)
  • Malt Analytes (MAPS)
  • Sugar (SUPS)


Clinical Proficiency Testing
LGC Standard’s clinical proficiency testing schemes deal principally in the area of drug monitoring, whether they are deliberately administered drugs for therapeutic purposes; toxic drugs deliberately or accidentally ingested which could cause harm; or drugs of abuse which may be analysed for clinically significant levels, or for workplace monitoring.
Due to the importance of results obtained, it is essential that laboratories are able to demonstrate their testing is dependable, reproducible and accurate; otherwise mistakes can have a major impact on patient care, legal and forensic investigations, occupational monitoring, insurance screening and more. Participation in LGC Standards clinical schemes will provide valuable feedback to laboratories/on-site screening clinics who undertake these analyses, and enable them to demonstrate their performance over time using the trend reports available through our PORTAL system. Schemes offered include:
  • Drugs of Abuse in Hair (DAH)
  • Drugs of Abuse in Urine (DAU)
  • Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluid (DOF)
  • Therapeutic Drugs (TDM)
  • Toxicology (TOX)
  • Clinical Microbioogy (CLS) which includes SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronovirus proficiency testing samples.


Forensics and Toxicology Proficiency Testing
LGC Standards provides a growing range of schemes for forensic science, presently dealing mainly with the analysis of explosives residues, and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) a specialised technique used to precisely measure small differences in the abundances of isotopes such as 2H/1H; 13C/12C, 15N/14N and 18O/16O.
Customers may also be interested in our clinical schemes dealing with drugs of abuse, such as our hair scheme (DAH) oral fluid scheme (DOF) and urine scheme (DAU). Schemes offered include:
  • Forensic Analysis Explosives Scheme (FAE)
  • Forensic Blood Toxicology (QUARTZ)
  • Forensic Isotope Ration Mass Spectrometry (FIRMS)

Consumer safety

Consumer Safety Proficiency Testing
Ensuring products do not harm the consumers that purchase them is a fundamental requirement for business survival and protecting brand value. We rely on manufacturers, suppliers and legislation to keep us safe, and a key part of this is the laboratory analysis performed on the products to ensure no harmful chemicals, physical properties or microorganisms are present.
Our range of consumer safety schemes offer a valuable tool for the ongoing assessment of testing procedures, effectiveness of methods employed laboratory staff responsible for the analysis and subsequent interpretation of results. Proficiency testing provides an independent validation of laboratory quality. Schemes offered include:
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries (COSMETICS)
  • Nickel Migration (NiMS)
  • Pharmaceutical (PHARMASSURE)
  • Toy Safety (TOYTEST)


Oil and Microbiology Proficiency Testing
A range of other schemes are also offered by LGC to meet the needs of specific testing labs and analyses.
Schemes offered include:
  • Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS)
  • Manganese Ore Scheme (MORE)
  • Microbology Investigation Competency Scheme (QIMS)
  • OIL PT (OIL)

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