Bedrocan Australia

Bedrocan is an international cultivation company which grows its medicinal cannabis products under good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. Bedrocan has GMP, GAP and ISO quality accreditations.  Each variety, batch-to-batch of Bedrocan's products, contain a consistent composition. They are also free of contaminants such as microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. These products have been rigorously tested to meet international quality standards and requirements.

Novachem is a licenced importer of medicinal cannabis products and is the Australian distributor of Bedrocan's products. These are sourced through the Office of Medicinal Cannabis in The Netherlands.

For more information on Bedrocan, visit Bedrocan's website.  

Further information

If you are a clinician or pharmacist looking to access more information please complete the accessing Prescibing Bedrocan form and we will send the information to you.  General public and patients considering accessing any therapeutic products must consult their GP and the TGA Website for information. Novachem makes no representation implied or otherwise as to the suitability of any products for the therapeutic treatment of any indication or health issue.  Any information contained in this website is general in nature and not to be relied upon when considering any therapy. A health professional and/or specialist is the only person who can advise on therapeutic pathways or materials.

Order form

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