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 There is just no substitute for it. Novachem has been providing service to the research and analytical industry for almost 40 years and has a wide range of products including stable isotopes, NMR solvents and tubes, certified environmental and forensic standards, fluorinated compounds and diagnostic reagents. Our strategic alliance partners and suppliers also bring a wealth of knowledge and capability to the supply chain of Novachem. When you choose Novachem, you gain the wealth of experience that our staff have in servicing the research community. 


Too often, suppliers only give you what you’ve asked for. Novachem prides itself on providing product solutions that will deliver on your requirements based on an understanding of your needs. These may be based on your analytical goals, pricing, methodologies or something else. We take the time to listen, develop ideas, create strategies and deliver outcomes that meet your goals. The more we can get to know your business, the better results you will have. 


We are committed to you. Our commitment is to ensure the highest standards are met and maintained, and that your products are delivered quickly, efficiently and on time. We will provide competitive quotes and always answer questions you have. If you have a quote for a competitor’s product, simply provide it to us and we will do our best to match it. 


Quality research depends on quality people, quality materials, quality methods and quality interpretation. Every product we sell is sourced from quality assured companies and comes with a Certificate of Analysis which assures that the product and batch have been tested and ccertified. You know what you’re getting and can rely on it. 


Whatever the requirement, we are here to service the most important person - you, our customer. Contact us today and see why Novachem’s experience, understanding, commitment to quality and service will make a difference to you.