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PeptiQuantTM MRM assay kits are stand-alone peptide kits that are used for platform QC, workflow performance, or biomarker assessment. The kits have been optimised for use on Agilent and SCIEX platforms, with the goal that they will be optimised for use on all major mass spec vendor platforms (Thermo, Waters, Bruker, Shimadzu) over the next few years. MRM Proteomics has used CIL labeled protected amino acids to make these peptides.

Researchers in academia and life science industries continue to adopt a targeted, bottom-up MS-based proteomic workflow for biomarker discovery and validation. Biomarker validation requires absolute quantification of surrogate peptides in the sample matrix, a requirement that is best achieved using stable isotope-enriched peptide internal standards (SIS). Although the use of SIS has increased the reliability of LC/MRM-MS based assays, optimal results require properly functioning equipment and a workflow with minimal human error and bias.

To help researchers establish a stable LC/MRM-MS platform for bottom-up quantitative proteomics, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is pleased to offer PeptiQuant™ kits from MRM Proteomics, Inc. These kits include the PeptiQuant™ Monthly LC/MS Platform Performance Kit, the PeptiQuant™ Daily LC/MS Platform Performance Kit, and the PeptiQuant™ Workflow Performance Kit. These innovative products are used to assess and track LC/MS performance of the LC/MS platform in a proteomic workflow in order to highlight any possible issues affecting quantitation.

CIL and Novachem are also pleased to offer the PeptiQuant™ Biomarker Assessment Kit (BAK-76), to help researchers monitor multiple key proteins in human plasma. This turnkey solution contains the reagents and software tools to simultaneously measure up to 76 proteins of biological importance in a sample of human plasma. Kits are now available for mouse plasma and apolipoproteins also.

Benefits of PeptiQuant™ Kits

  • Acquire more precise and accurate quantitative data
  • Identify performance deficits related to your equipment
  • Pinpoint method-specific issues that need to be addressed
  • Diminish inter laboratory variability
  • Improve method transferability

To find out more about the PeptiQuant™ Kits please download one of the PDF brochures below.

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