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Providers of a wide variety of standards including VHG Labs, Dr Ehrenstorfer, LGC Brand and also provides Proficiency Testing schemes.  Products include a range of organic, inorganic and pharmaceutical reference materials.

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CIL supply isotope labelled products and specialty chemicals. These include labelled protected amino acids, 13C, 15N, 18O and deuterated materials including NMR solvents. CIL also provide a range of labelled environmental standards for MS Analysis.

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Cerilliant is an ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited manufacturer. Their catalog includes a wide range of analytical standards for forensic, clinical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, environmental testing and research.

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Accustandard is an ISO Guide 34 accredited manufacturer who's standards include those for EPA Methods, Pesticide Residue Screening, Flame Retardants, Biofuels, Plastic Additives, Dyes, Explosives, UOP and ASTM Methods.

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The Fujifilm Wako Laboratory Chemicals product line consists of over 35,000 unique antibodies, enzymes,
molecular biology kits, organic/inorganic chemicals and analytical standards. These are used in a range of research and analytical labs globally.

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Fluorochem's product portfolio of nearly 100,000 items includes fluorinated products, heterocyclics, boronic acids, sulphur compounds, novel organics, organometallics, silanes, siloxanes, biochemicals, silicagel for chromatography and TLC plates.

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Acanthus Research provides high quality reference standards and organic chemistry services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries specialising in drug and drug metabolite standards and their isotope labaled analogues.

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CaroteNature offers carotenoids of high standard, as analytical standards or in larger quantities for analytical purposes. They also offer analysis of carotenoids in plant and other extracts, custom synthesis or isolation, and consultancy.

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DHI is a producer of high purity plant pigment standards, cyano toxin standards, 14C ampoules and filtration equipment for various plankton investigations.

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New Era provide high quality specialist NMR tubes for NMR spectrosocopy with a wide variety of length, wall thickness and fequency tubes available. 

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Bachem is specialized in the development and the manufacturing of biologically active peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and as innovative biochemicals for research purposes.

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Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, ChemScence is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of building blocks and fine research chemicals. ChemScene deliver an extensive portfolio of products, including Building Blocks & Intermediates, Thin Layer Chromatography Plates, Bioactive Small Molecules, Natural Products, Peptides, Dyes and Bio-assay Reagents, Screening Libraries, etc.