Unquestionable food quality

requires unquestionable standards

Consumer confidence in food relies on the effectiveness of checks to ensure the safety, consistency and authenticity of food products. The focus on the integrity of food has increased globally in recent years and as a consequence, new regulations and higher standards on quality control and testing are either planned or being implemented.

Global trade in food and food products also means that exporters must meet international requirements and demonstrate security of the supply chain.

The reliability and accuracy of analytical results is essential to ensuring consistent product quality and safety. Accurate monitoring of food is supported by the use of reference materials. Participation in suitable proficiency testing schemes provides independent assurance of the competency of staff and the suitability of equipment, methods and procedures.

Food quality

Novachem provides access to world leading ISO 17034 accredited certified reference materials (CRMs), matrix reference materials and quality control materials (QCs). We supply reference materials for the analysis of proximates, nutritional elements and vitamins in matrices including:
• meat, fish and vegetable matter
• cereals and grains
• milk and dairy products
• food and drink products

Food nutritional and compositional testing can be undertaken to demonstrate compliance with food labelling requirements and to satisfy food chain requirements such as retailer specifications and as a part of due diligence and surveillance programs.

Novachem offers an extensive range of reference standards including:
• food constituents and natural products
- sugars, carotenoids, amino acids and vitamins
• food additives
- preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners and colourings.

Food Safety


Detecting and identifying allergens effectively is an important part of surveillance, regulatory and commercial control of cross contamination, and food labelling.

Quantification of allergens can be challenging as inconsistent results are sometimes observed when using different biochemical test kits from varying sources. Current methods detect either the allergenic protein (ELISA, mass spectroscopy) or allergenic food type DNA (PCR). To meet the demand for a reliable source of reference for a peanut allergen, Novachem can proide a quality control material kit for the detection of peanut allergen in food, with a blank material and a matrix material with peanut protein added at 10 ppm (mg kg-1).

Organic Contaminants

Contamination in food and food products can originate from diverse sources. The increasing adoption of LC-MSMS has highlighted that ‘matrix effects’ can have a detrimental impact on measurement. The use of isotopically labelled compounds as internal standards can negate these effects.
Novachem offers an extensive range of organic contaminants standards. The Dr. Ehrenstorfer range includes approximately 8,000 different products, available as individual components (neat and in solution) as well as mixtures.
We also offer a range of organic contaminant standards from other manufacturers enabling us to provide a complete range of reference standards to meet your requirements.


We provide a range of pesticide standards and metabolites for analysis including:
• Organochlorines
• Organophosphates
• Carbamates
• Pyrethroids
• Neonicotinoids
• Quaternary ammonium pesticides
• Sulfonylurea pesticides

Proficiency Testing Schemes

Novachem, through LGC offers a wide range of food proficiency testing scheems which are fully accredited to ISO 17043 and recognised internationally.  

Proficiency Testing schemes include:
QMAS - Meat and Fish Analysis
QDCS - Dairy Chemistry
QFCS - Food Chemistry
QCS - Chocolate
QMS - Food Microbiology
AFPS - Animal Feed
QGS - Gelatine
SUPS - Sugar

Contact us about which schemes would most suit your requirements or visit our proficiency testing page and search for an appropriate analyte and matrix in the many schemes offered.