Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

Now in stock and available in Australia

Bedrocan is the world’s most experienced producer of legal medicinal cannabis. They are currently the only company in the world producing standardised medicinal cannabis flos (the whole, dried flower) to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. Bedrocan has GMP, GAP and ISO quality accreditations. 

Bedrocan products are reliable because each variety, batch-to-batch, contains a constant composition of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are also free of contaminants such as microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. These qualities make Bedrocan cannabis flos safer for vaporization and inhalation into the lungs.

Because of its pharmaceutical quality, and the variety of products offered, many governments, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies have chosen to work with Bedrocan. For more information on Bedrocan visit

Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis products are able to be ordered by wholesale suppliers and pharmacies in Australia through Novachem. The products currently available through Bedrocan are listed below. 


Introduced in 2003, the Bedrocan product is the first variety developed and named after the company itself. It is a sativa strain (Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. Afina) featuring 22% THC, with a CBD-level below 1%. It’s the most widely used medicinal cannabis offered by the Dutch Ministry, and has been used in more research than other products. Bedrocan is the brand name for this variety and is available in flos form.

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Introduced in 2005, the Bedrobinol product is bred in-house by Bedrocan. Bedrobinol is the brand name for this sativa strain Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. Ludina. Its THC-level can be considered medium strength, standardised at 13.5%, with a CBD-level below 1 %. Bedrobinol is available in flos form.

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Introduced in 2007, Bediol is one of the first cannabis varieties developed specifically to have a higher CBD content. The effects of CBD are distinctly different from THC. Bediol is the brand name for this sativa variety (Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. Elida). Bediol has a balanced ratio of THC 6.3% and CBD 8%. Because it is easily tolerated, physicians often prescribe Bediol for patients who previously have not used cannabis as a medicine. This strain was bred in-house by Bedrocan, specifically to meet the needs of patients. Bediol is available in granular form.

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Introduced in 2011, Bedica was developed in response to mounting evidence of a real difference in the effects of sativa and indica varieties. Characteristic differences between indica and sativa strains can be found in the presence of aromatic compounds (terpenes) in the plant. Bedica contains a high amount of the myrcene terpene, which is known to have a calming effect. Bedica is the brand name for this indica variety (Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. Talea). Bedica contains 14% THC with less than 1% CBD. Bedica is also available in granular form.

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Introduced in 2014, Bedrolite is a so-called CBD-only product, with less than 1% THC and 9% CBD. The virtual absence of THC means it does not have psychoactive properties. Bedrolite has become the preferred choice of a number of patients with severe, intractable (untreatable) forms of epilepsy. Bedrolite is the brand name for this sativa variety (Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. Rensina). Bedrolite is available in granular form.

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Getting access to Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Bedrocan products in Australia are only available through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access Scheme (Cat B) or through the Authorised Prescriber scheme.  Novachem can not provide medicinal cannabis products to individuals under any circumstances.

Patients wishing to access medicinal cannabis products should discuss access with their physician and make themselves familiar with the processes by reading the TGA advice at  Novachem is only able to supply pharmacies with Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis products once the TGA has authorised the access and all approval documents have been provided to and verified by Novachem.

The TGA administer the Special Access Scheme (SAS) and Authorised Prescriber Scheme which allow eligible medical practitioners to apply for the importation and supply of medicinal cannabis products that are not registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG):

Step-by-step guidance

The TGA have put together a useful resource which summarises the requirements for an Australian registered medical practitioner to access medicinal cannabis products. Included also is information to determine state/territory regulatory requirements. See:

Access Prescribing Bedrocan document

If you are a clinician or pharmacist looking to access more supporting information for prescribing Bedrocan products, please complete our special accessing Prescibing Bedrocan form and we will send the information to you.